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poppyThe Salvation Army played an important part in war graves visitation from 1917 onwards. Relatives of soldiers who had given their lives were taken to the cemeteries where their loved ones had been laid to rest. Photographs and pressed flowers from the graves were sent home to relatives. Salvation Army women were always there to give help and support.
Grevillers British Cemetery

Grevillers 2004

Ada tending the grave of Lt. Colonel George Bisset DSO, MC of the 1st Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers at the Grevillers British Cemetery, Pas de Calais.


Note the highly individual memorial

The memorial has gone and Lt. Colonel Bisset's grave is now marked by a standard CWGC headstone

Aubigny Communal Cemetery

Aubigny 2004

One the right is Lt. G A Ashwin's (RAF - London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) memorial. Aubigny Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais.

To the right of the picture is the grave of Lt. Guy Ashwin of the RAF, who died on 16th September 1918. his grave was originally marked by a cross made from a wooden propellor. A standard wooden cross to the left of it is being tended by a Salvation Army sister. the grave currently to the left of it is that of .....Pte John Sidney Slade Duke of Cornwall's L/I.

Crosses like this were made from wooden aeroplane propellers and marked the graves of airmen.

Lt. Ashwin's grave today



Ada tending the grave of Private G. Bougourd of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry in Seranvillers German cemetery No.1. Commonwealth graves were later moved to Honnechy British Cemetery, Nord.

Photographs like this were sent to bereaved families who were unable to visit, to show that the graves were being cared for.

This is possibly Private Bougourd's grave at Honnechy British Cemetery. Four British and one RGLI graves were moved here from German cemeteries and other unsuitable places at the end of the war.

The RGLI regimental crest is clearly visible.

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Duisans British Cemetery

Duisans 2004

A party of relatives visiting Duisans British Cemetery,
Etrun, Pas de Calais, soon after the war.

The wooden crosses were later replaced by standard CWGC headstones.

Ada accompanied groups like this from England to many cemeteries in France.

3285 identified casualties are at rest in Duisans British Cemetery at Etrun


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