A photograph brought back from France, showing a young Salvationist Sister, has "Kathie" written on the back. "Kathie" appears in several pictures with Ada, and we think that they were taken in Arras, indicating that they may have worked there together.

An edition of the Salvation Army publication "Under the Colours", dated July 1919, contains a feature about Brigadier Chaplain-Captain R C Henry (A.I.F.) prior to his return to Australia. The group photograph, shown to the right, has Kathie sitting on his left and was taken at an unknown location in France.

Kathie appears in the photographs below with come from Ada's collection. They were all taken in France between 1917 and 1923.

Who is she and from where? If you can help, please contact us from here.

Brig. H C Henry
Kathie in standing in centre
Kathie standing left.
Kathie 2nd  from  right.