France 2004


The next move was to visit places in the Boulogne area that Ada had mentioned in her photographs and notebooks.

Wimereux Communal Cemetery is the final resting place of Canadian John McCrae the author of "In Flanders Fields". A plaque commemorating his life has been erected in the cemetery by the Ontario government.

He died from influenza early in 1918 in the hospital in which Ada was treated in November of the same year for the same illness.

The cemetery is unusual in that all the headstones lie flat to the ground, because of the nature of the soil. It was being refurbished at the time of our visit.

Wimereux Communal Cemetery

Wimereux Communal

John McCrae

John McCrea

70 Rue Gambetta (Hotel du Globe) in Boulogne-sur-Mer is where one of the SA hostels was located. The area has since been redeveloped and no traces of the building remain. This is possibly as a result of severe damage during the Second War.

The old town looks much as it did in Ada's postcards.

The address where Ada's formal portrait was taken by Caron in 1919 remains but is now part of a much newer building.

Liz in Boulogne
Ostrohove camp, where Ada worked for some time, proved impossible to find - no evidence of it could be found, despite intensive searches in the Ostrohove village and St Martin-de-Boulogne area.. The only large area of flat ground in the region is used for industrial and recreational sites..

Liz has contacted the local Mairie and is now in touch with the town archivist.